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A better way to stay
in Compliance

Your All-in-one solution for streamlining compliance training within your teams.

Engaging – Efficient – Effective

ISO 27001 | SOC 1 | SOC 2 | FERPA | GDPR | STAR L1

Streamlining compliance
within your team.

TeamComply is built because we face the same pain in adhering to ISO 27001, Cyber Security, and even ESG policies. 

We aim to transform traditional compliance training into a more interactive and enjoyable experience for both employees and organizations.

Audit and Checklists

Streamline compliance checks and digitize any process, procedure or policy. Capture data and generate reports instantly.


Accelerate compliance training and ensure effective onboarding. Create content in minutes and track compliance progress.


Keep users engaged with an interactive discussion board for sharing compliance tips and best practices.

Issue Reporting

Report observations or incidents in real-time to reduce time to resolution and enhance compliance.

Compliance solutions that deliver results
for your business.

Improved Compliance Adherence

We know that many organizations are facing challenges with compliance management.


We do not believe electronic whipping is the best or only way to ensure compliance.


TeamComply focuses on keeping the experience simple, motivating, and delightful for the end users, so they enjoy learning and performing actionable with meanings instead of behaving like robots. 

Through content that is gamified, users are more motivated to learn more. This enhances their understanding and retention of the content.

Other engagement triggers include confetti effects, unexpected variable rewards, and team competition. The experience is not just playful, but also sociable.


Actionables can be tracked with simple photo challenges that are also visible to others. 

Image by NASA

Increased knowledge retention through interactive content

Image by Shubham Dhage

Key Compliance Features

We understand that keeping up with compliance standards can be a daunting task for many businesses.

TeamComply includes tools to help you track your compliance progress and identify areas that need improvement, so you can rest assured that you are always on the right track.


These includes detailed reports and analytics to help you monitor your progress and identify any areas that require attention.


With our compliance content, you can evaluate your understanding and retention of compliance concepts and feel confident that you are meeting all the required standards.

Who is TeamComply for

TeamComply is designed for organizations that are seeking an engaging and effective solution for managing compliance within their teams through gamified approach, which promotes understanding, engagement and adherence to compliance.
We take security
Compliance seriously.

Safe time – Accelerate onboarding
Boost productivity – Reduce incidents

Compliance can be super easy, motivating, and delightful. 
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